Hardening Your WordPress Site

Today, CIO.com and countless¬†other web sites reported on the recently discovered vulnerabilities in WordPress 4.7.1 that allowed hackers to deface millions of pages through the REST API that is included in WordPress. If you aren’t aware, you absolutely need to update your WordPress sites to 4.7.2 if you haven’t already. In addition to keeping your WordPress patches and plug-in patches current, you really should install a solution such as WordFence as an added layer of security. Be sure to also sign up for their newsletter to stay on top of the latest security news. In addition to the many WordPress … Read more

More SMTP Server Options for Developers

Several years ago, when I was focusing almost exclusively on SharePoint administration and development, I published a blog post about how to setup an SMTP server for SharePoint using SMTP4Dev. It is one of my most popular posts of all time, and the product is still a must have for any developer who needs to test email functionality without access to a test SMTP server. Recently, while working on a WordPress project with a colleague, we needed to test some email functionality in WordPress the same way we used to in SharePoint. The trouble is that we setup our WordPress … Read more