More SMTP Server Options for Developers

Several years ago, when I was focusing almost exclusively on SharePoint administration and development, I published a blog post about how to setup an SMTP server for SharePoint using SMTP4Dev. It is one of my most popular posts of all time, and the product is still a must have for any developer who needs to test email functionality without access to a test SMTP server.

Recently, while working on a WordPress project with a colleague, we needed to test some email functionality in WordPress the same way we used to in SharePoint. The trouble is that we setup our WordPress server on a Windows Server OS in Azure. For some reason, SMTP4Dev did not want to cooperate with our Azure instance. So we began to look for alternatives.

It took virtually no time to come up with a viable solution in a product called “Papercut” — also on CodePlex. It was as simple as installing the file, setting it to autostart, then changing the WordPress email server name to “localhost”.

Apparently Papercut has been around for a while. Their is an excellent post by Mark Rasmussen comparing and contrasting Papercut with SMTP4Dev. We found Papercut a little easier to configure than SMTP4Dev, and a little more functional once installed.

Either way, it takes less than 5 minutes to download and install either of these great products, so if you need to test email functionality from your test server or application code, search no further.

Download Papercut at

Download SMTP4Dev at