My Three Words for 2018

A couple of years ago, I came across an article in my RSS reader by Chris Brogan. He wrote about his three words for 2016. It is a tradition he started many years ago, and continued again through 2018. He challenged his readers to come up with three words of their own (they can be completely unrelated and do not need to form a sentence) to use as a theme for the year. He suggests you do this instead of setting a New Year’s resolution. It makes perfect sense to me. I tried it in 2016 and failed miserably. I couldn’t even remember what my words were by the end of the year. In 2017, I couldn’t come up with any words. Not so in 2018. I have three words for 2018, and I’m FIRED UP about them! My three words are: “Two. Obsessed. Move.”


So many things to say about the number “two”. On December 30, my oldest of two daughters got married to her long-time boyfriend. He joined the family, so one became two. Now we have two females (my wife and youngest daughter) and two males (myself and our dog Rupp) remaining in our household. Later this year, daughter #2 will leave for college, leaving just two human beings in our house. Wasn’t that cute?

For the past 12 years, I’ve had two jobs: consulting full time, and teaching college courses at night. When I changed roles at my consulting firm, I gave up my second teaching job and hence a second income. I miss both, so I’m going back to two jobs. I’ve written a lot over the past several years, but I never treated writing as my second job. That changes now.

I need to lose two pounds a week for the next several weeks.

I’m starting round two of the Freedom Journal by John Lee Dumas this month. It took me exactly two weeks into the new year to get started, which is also the same time it took me to figure out my 3 words. This second of which is…


My favorite acronym in 2017 was BOBA. I spent a lot of time on my BowFlex elliptical in 2107 listening to an audiobook by Grant Cardone called “Be Obsessed or Be Average”, or BOBA. It was a little over the top for me at first, and then I started to get it. If you know me, you may find it hard to believe that I would listen to “GC”, but once I learned to appreciate his style, I REALLY appreciated it. He comes across a little self-centered, by design I think. I tend to come across as a giver. Books by Grant Cardone and Adam Grant really resonated with me last year. I was challenged to focus on myself more — so I can be in a better position to help others — and to be obsessed with achieving my goals.

Sad as it seems, I needed to hear it. I tend to be a martyr, doormat, sacrificial lamb…whatever you want to call it. I hope that by helping myself I’ll be in a better position to help those I care about most. So, am I going to obsessed with helping myself only? No, that’s not what I mean. I’ll definitely emphasize it more. I will, however, be obsessed with my goals. My two biggest goals are to position myself better financially, and to lose 28-30 pounds. No sitting around if I want to lose weight. I’ve got to…


It’s time to move on from consuming content, planning, and envisioning my future, to just doing. When I start to move, I’ll make mistakes. I’m ready for it. I’m moving on my side hustles, I’m moving on my exercise regimen. I’m making things happen in 2018. In addition, come later this year, there may be more of a physical move underway as my wife and I begin the next chapter of our lives in Nashville. We’ve lived in Gibson County in Indiana our entire lives, but it may be time to move.

What Are Your Words?

Two. Obsessed. Move. I’m happy with my three words for 2018. I have no doubt I’ll remember them this year. Not only am I putting them out there with this post, but I’ll be keeping them in front of me each day. Thanks for the great idea, Chris Brogan. For my readers, check out Chris’ article, then come up with your three words. You’ll be glad you did it. It’s a great exercise. Let me know in the comments what your three words are!