My Work

I wrote my first corporate blog post on August 1, 2008. Since then I have produced countless blog posts on my company blog, personal blog, and industry blogs as myself, as a guest writer, and as a ghost writer.

Additionally, I have been published in certification exam preparation guides and print magazines.

My clients include:

  • Pearson (MeasureUp)
  • Microsoft (Office Blog)
  • (no longer online)
  • SharePoint Pro Magazine (PentonTech)

As you can see on my LinkedIn profile, I have been recommended by best selling authors of the Disney Way.

As of 2018, I have over 10 years experience in coaching and professional blogging, over 13 years experience teaching and training, and over 25 years experience as an IT and business consultant.

I have a deep background in programming, IT consulting, education, business consulting (cross-industry), business development, and writing.

The range of my training/teaching includes:

  • First time college students
  • Early college (HS) students
  • Senior capstone courses
  • Certified IT professionals
  • Senior citizens (computer literacy course at public library)
  • Technical user groups
  • Regional and national technical conferences
  • Professional classroom instruction
  • Youth groups and church congregations
  • Athletic and academic teams
  • Online instruction
  • One on one coaching