The Nashville Business Lunch

Since I have been focused on business development in Nashville, I’ve become familiar with some really good spots for holding business lunches (and morning coffee or afternoon tea). I’m going to skip over some of the typical choices, such as Panera Bread and Starbucks. I want to focus, rather, on things that are uniquely Nashville. I’ll keep this list updated as I try out new spots.

Keep in mind that for some of my lunches I am meeting people for the first time, and others are with business partners with whom I go way back. To that end, I will offer my opinion on which spots are great for casual acquaintances, which are best for old friends, and which are good for folks visiting from out of town in case you want to give them a feel for Nashville culture.

Do you have a suggestion for a place I should try? Tell me in the comments. Once I’ve tried it out, I’ll update the post. Thanks for your suggestions!


Restaurant Area Ideal For
Pinewood Social SoBro Any occasion
City Fire The Gulch Business; Business Casual
Famous Dave’s Franklin Casual; Business Casual
Jack’s BBQ SoBro Casual; Business Casual