More SMTP Server Options for Developers

Several years ago, when I was focusing almost exclusively on SharePoint administration and development, I published a blog post about how to setup an SMTP server for SharePoint using SMTP4Dev. It is one of my most popular posts of all time, and the product is still a must have for any developer who needs to test email functionality without access to a test SMTP server. Recently, while working on a WordPress project with a colleague, we needed to test some email functionality in WordPress the same way we used to in SharePoint. The trouble is that we setup our WordPress … Read more

Test SMTP Server for SharePoint Outgoing Email Settings

I have been trying to find a good solution for a test SMTP server for SharePoint for some time.  Like many others, I have unique requirements including: 1) I run a SharePoint development instance on my Windows 7 laptop, 2) I run SharePoint test instances on virtual machines, and 3) I do many SharePoint demos from my laptop — sometimes without an internet connection.  Since SharePoint requires you to use a SMTP server that allows anonymous access, that somewhat limits one from using an ISP account as well.  It is frustrating to demo a workflow without the ability to send … Read more